We are a leader and benchmark in the sustainable transformation of organic waste into phytosanitary products, standing out for our innovation and commitment to the promotion of environmental and social responsibility.


Our mission is to facilitate the commercialization of phytosanitary products derived from organic waste, benefiting all those who generate this type of waste. We are dedicated to the research, development and application of our own production process, ensuring quality, sustainability and positive impact on the environment.


Sustainability: Committed to practices that not only preserve, but actively improve the environment, contributing to the health of the planet.

Innovation: We encourage creativity and innovation in every aspect of our work, constantly seeking new solutions and approaches to address current and future challenges.

Integrity: We act honestly and ethically in all our operations, building relationships of trust with our collaborators, customers and the wider community. Integrity guides our decisions and actions at all times.


The main objective of the project is the transformation of organic agri-food waste into high-quality phytosanitary products, through an innovative process.